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Handcrafted Scribe Fit Stacked Cabin Home

Custom Handcrafted log cabin homes offer a unique and rustic contrast to the uniformity of machined logs. Each and every log is individually handcrafted by an experienced craftsman whose labour-intensive efforts reveal the distinctive characteristics of each log. No two logs are the same making your log home or log cabin a unique piece of art.

Recognized by many as the classic log home, a Handcrafted Scribe Fit Stacked Home boasts a timeless feature of exposed logs stacked horizontally to form full log walls. Each log has a hand-cut groove cut into its underside and are scribed ensuring a custom fit to the log below it. There is no need for siding, insulation or drywall. Both aesthetically appealing and energy efficient, it’s no wonder why this style of log home is the choice of so many of our clients.

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