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What’s In My Package? Handcrafted Timber Frame

 Handcrafted Timber Frame

Our Timbers are Heavy Full Sawn Timber custom sawn at our facility in Malakwa, British Columbia

Same species available as our tradition Post & Beams

Timber Grades

No.1 Grade Box Heart Mix

No.1 Grade FOHC (Free of Heart Centre)


Box Heart

Timber sawn from the whole tree with the heart at the center. Typically, large dimension, and value-oriented timbers are box-heart. Checking can occur that may run to the length of the timber.


The timber is sawn to exclude the heart of the tree, creating a more stable timber, especially in small to mid dimensions. Tends to check much less than box-heart.



Log  Posts

  • Timber Posts supporting upper floor, decks, porch/covered decks and roof beams
  • Timber Posts in framed walls flatted and slotted to accept wall finish
  •  Main & upper floor supporting beams for Post & Beam Style constructed

Upper Floor  Timber Floor System

  • Timber Beams and Joist supporting upper floor flatted on top for floor system and pockets cut for main floor framed walls

Log  Wall System

  •  Timber Post supporting beams at wall
  •  Timber Frame Style: Same options and style available as Log Post & Beams

Log  Roof System

  •  Log Roof Beams which include depending on the roof design Ridge Beams, Purlins, Collar Beams, Valley Beams, Hip Beams, Rafters, etc.
  •  Log Roof Beams pitched for roof framing
  • Pockets cut in beams for where the beams go through framed walls

Log  Roof Trusses

  •  Several Styles of Log trusses offered
  • Trusses are for clear spanning areas in the home so posts do not interfere in the floor plan, also they are often placed in feature locations for aesthetics

Windows and Door Openings

  • Pre-Cut log opening sizes calculated from OSM unit sizes plus allowance for Buck boards and Beveled for Trim
  • Key Way cut in door and window openings
  • Window and Door opening calculations include settling allowance

Bolting and Hardware

  • Through-Bolt Rods (Log Walls pre-drilled for through bolt locations
  • Anchor Bolts
  • Lags and Pins as required
  • Key Ways for windows and doors in log wall openings
  • Settling Jacks for main floor log posts to settle the beams the post is supporting with the log walls

Pre-Drilling for Electrical

  • Log Walls pre-drilled and outlet boxes precut and flattened.
  • Electrical plans designed to code and locations to client’s requests