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About Our Custom Sawn Heavy Timbers and Boards

Our Timbers and Boards are Custom Sawn to specifications at our facility in Malakwa, BC

Our custom sawn heavy timbers and boards are crafted to your exact specifications, ensuring they meet the highest standards for timber frame joinery and custom home building. With extensive experience and precision milling, we guarantee exceptional quality in every piece.

Details of Custom Sawn Timbers and Boards we offer

Appearance of Select Grade Boards and Timbers

  • No Rot, No Holes, No Wane, Tight Knot, Premium Grade standards

Timber Options

  • Boxed Heart Mix
  • (Some Boxed Heart orders will include some FOHC Timbers). These timers are sawn from the whole tree with the heart at the center and are typically large dimensioned and value-oriented.

  • FOHC (Free of Heart Center)
  • The timber is sawn to exclude the heart of the tree, creating a more stable timber, especially in small to mid dimensions. Tends to check much less than Boxed Heart.


  • Custom Sizes based on client’s requirements
  • Full Sawn Sizes (actual call out dimensional lumber sizes). For example, a 12X12 is 12″X12″.


  • Full Length Timbers up to 43’

Finish Options

  • Bandsawn
  • Bandsawn with Osborn Brush (Osborn Brush leaves Bandsawn texture but removed the loose wood fibers)
  • Planed S4S
  • Hand Hewn

Species Offered