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Douglas Fir

Douglas-Fir is one of the best known wood species in the world native to British Columbia. It is one of the finest wood species for heavy structural integrity in Log and Timber Homes. It is also commonly required by engineers in place of other log species because of these structural advantages. It is known for its pronounced straight grain and red-ish heart wood characteristics with little dimensional movement during the drying process which mean finer checks/cracks in the log compared to Pine and Spruce, particularly with the Premium Grade that LCLH selects for building. Douglas Fir is also ideal for log cabin home construction because of the size, length and the consistence of the tree. They have much less taper than allot of other log species. The grain and texture is very appealing that is why it is a commonly used for doors, trims, flooring and siding.

Douglas Fir has two widely recognized variation, Menziesii ( Coastal) and Glauca (Interior) . Interior Douglas Fir is considered superior to Coastal due to is slower growth performance resulting in tighter growth rings attributing to its strength. Here are Lake Country Log Homes we take advantage of nature’s gift given to us in our own backyards and take the opportunity to hand select only the most premium graded Interior Douglas Fir logs used for our client’s custom home.