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Western Red Cedar

At Lake Country Log Homes, we take pride in offering the highest quality Custom Sawn Western Red Cedar Timbers & Boards. This exceptional wood is cherished for its remarkable blend of natural beauty, durability, and environmental benefits. Sourced from the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest, Western Red Cedar has been a preferred building material for centuries. Its unique properties make it an ideal choice for a wide range of architectural styles, from rustic log homes to more contemporary designs. We would love to tailor these magnificent timbers to meet the needs of your project!

Benefits of Western Red Cedar

Natural Beauty

Custom sawn Western Red Cedar timbers and boards offer an unparalleled natural aesthetic. The wood’s warm, reddish-brown tones can vary to include hints of salmon pink or chocolate brown, adding depth and character to any structure. This makes it a preferred choice for both rustic and contemporary architectural designs.


Western Red Cedar contains thujaplicins, a group of isomers that exhibit strong antifungal properties, which contribute to the wood’s natural resistance to decay and insect attacks. The presence of these compounds in Western Red Cedar makes it an ideal material for outdoor applications.

Moisture Equilibrium and Porosity

Western Red Cedar reaches moisture equilibrium quickly. Moisture equilibrium is the state where the moisture content of the wood is balanced with the humidity of its surrounding environment. This means that, regardless of its environment, the wood neither gains nor loses moisture, maintaining its stability and integrity. The wood’s porosity and optimal pore size distribution enhance its ability to disrupt heat flow, contributing to its effectiveness as an insulator.

Environmentally Friendly

Western Red Cedar is a sustainable building material. Studies have shown that it has a lower environmental impact compared to other construction materials such as fiber cement, clay brick, and vinyl siding. Its sustainable harvesting practices further enhance its appeal as an eco-friendly option for builders and architects.

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Whether you’re looking for clear, contemporary beams or rustic timbers with character, we have the perfect solution for your project and can bring the timeless beauty of Western Red Cedar to your next building endeavor.

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western red cedar Western Red Cedar: Beautiful, Durable, Ecological

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