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What’s Included

what's included in my log and timber frame home package?

. . . in my Log and Timber Frame Home Package?

Handcrafted Log Walls

Handcrafted Log Walls with your choice of Log Species, Log Diameter and Corner Notch Style.

Standard Wall height is 10’

  • Corner Notches
    • Scandinavian Saddle Notch
    • Diamond/Wedge Notch
    • Dovetail
  • Log Tails
    • Straight
    • Staggered End
    • Staggered End Flared Butt (Western Red Cedar)
    • Chiseled Ends
    • Custom
  • Log Species
    • Western Red Cedar
    • Douglas Fir
    • Spruce and Pine

Stacked or Scribed Log Walls

A stacked log home features main floor walls which consist entirely of logs, stacked horizontally on top of each other.

Post & Beam

A round log post and beam home features log posts bearing on the main floor framing, supporting an upper structure of log joists, beams, and roof purlins.

Timber Frame

Structurally, timber frame is similar to the round log post and beam style, where the entire structure consists of posts and beams. However, visually it is quite different, as the natural irregularities of the log are removed when it is cut to a square shape.

Log Diameter

  • Log sizes: We offer start from 12” to 30” ++ mean diameter or larger
  • 13-14” Log Walls & Posts and 14- 16” Mean Diameter Log Floor and Roof Systems ( LCLH Standard for Scribe Fit Stacked Log Homes)
  • 15-16” Mean Diameter (LCLH Standard for Post and Beam Log Homes)
  • Consistent Diameter Logs (Turned or Lathed)
  • Western Red Cedar Flared Character Logs 14-80” ++ or larger with Flared Butts, Burls, Cat Faces, ect)

Windows and Door Openings

  • Pre-Cut log opening sizes calculated from OSM unit sizes plus allowance for Buck boards and Beveled for Trim
  • Key Way cut in door and window openings
  • Window and Door opening calculations include settling allowance

Pre-Drilling for Electrical

  • Log Walls pre-drilled and outlet boxes precut and flattened.
  • Electrical plans designed to code and locations to client’s requests

Wall Slots

  • Log Walls Slotted to accept interior intersecting framed walls

Bolting and Hardware

  • Through-Bolt Rods (Log Walls pre-drilled for through bolt locations
  • Anchor Bolts
  • Lags and Pins as required
  • Key Ways for windows and doors in log wall openings
  • Settling Jacks for main floor log posts to settle the beams the post is supporting with the log walls

Handcrafted Post and Beam Log Floor & Roof Systems

Log & Timber Joinery

  • Dovetail
  • Mortise and Tenon
  • Dowel / Pins

Flared Character Logs available for Western Red Cedar Roof

Feature Flared Character Post available for Log Posts

(Flares, Burls, Cat Faces, etc.)

Log & Timber Posts

  • Log Posts supporting upper floor, decks, porch/covered decks and roof beams
  • Log Posts in framed walls flatted and slotted to accept wall finish
  • Main & upper floor supporting beams for Post & Beam Style constructed

Upper Floor Log & Timber Floor System

  • Log Beams and Joists supporting upper floor flatted on top for floor system and pockets cut for main floor framed walls

Log & Timber Wall System

  • Log or Timber Post supporting beams at wall
  • Timber Frame Style: Same options and style available as Log Post & Beams

Log & Timber Roof System

  • Log Roof Beams which include depending on the roof design Ridge Beams, Purlins, Collar Beams, Valley Beams, Hip Beams, Rafters, etc.
  • Log Roof Beams pitched for roof framing
  • Pockets cut in beams for where the beams go through framed walls

Log & Timber Roof Trusses

  • Several Styles of Log trusses offered
  • Trusses are for clear spanning areas in the home so posts do not interfere in the floor plan, also they are often placed in feature locations for aesthetics

Handcrafted Pre-Assembled Log Stairs and Railings

Log Stairs

Different Styles and options available of Handcrafted Log Stairs

  • Pre-Assembled Log Stairs included for interior main floor to upper floor
  • Pre-Assembled Log / Timber Stair Landing if required included for interior main floor to upper floor

Basement and Exterior Stairs are optional

Style Available

  • (1//2 Log Treads and Stringers, Full Log Stringers with Treads notched through, Spiral Log Stairs, Etc.)
  • Timber Stairs

Log Railing

  • Railing available only in Western Red Cedar
  • Pre-Assembled Log Railing included for interior stairs, upper floor loft edge and stair well edges

Exterior and Basement Railings are optional


  • Full set of custom designed drawings and assembly drawings
  • We offer a full design service to custom design your home based on sketches, notes and ideas or altering an existing plan you may have.

Specialty Items

  • Custom Hand Carvings on log work (Artist we work with)
  • Log Tables, Benches, etc.

Log Grade

  • All Logs meet or exceed Premium Grade Requirements

Log Finish

  • All Logs are Hand Peeled and exposed joinery cuts sanded smooth
  • Logs treatment during construction
  • Logs treated with UV and fungicide protection during build and upon completing at our yard

Technical Advisor

  • Technical Advisor (Log Home Builder) to be on site assisting client’s carpentry crew for installation of the Log Home Package

Timber Finishes

  • Planed S4S
  • Band sawn with Osborn finish
  • Hand Hewn

Timber Size

  • Any size available

Standard Sizes

  • Post: 8X8 or 10X10
  • Beam Work: 8X12 to 8X14 and 10X12 to 10X14

Handcrafted Post & Beam or Timber

  • Wall system for Posts and Beam or Timber Frame are posts and beams with conventional framing in between the post and beam structure.

Timbers are Heavy Full Sawn Timber custom sawn at our facility in Malakwa, British Columbia 

  • Same species available as our tradition Post & Beams

Timber Grades

No.1 Grade Box Heart Mix

No.1 Grade FOHC (Free of Heart Centre)

Box Heart

Timber sawn from the whole tree with the heart at the center. Typically, large dimension, and value-oriented timbers are box-heart. Checking can occur that may run to the length of the timber.


The timber is sawn to exclude the heart of the tree, creating a more stable timber, especially in small to mid dimensions. Tends to check much less than box-heart.

What’s NOT Included in my package?

Local/General Contractors

Lake Country Log Homes generally do not turn key homes. It is not cost effective nor in the best financial interest of our clients to do so. It is the client’s responsibility to acquire a local/general contractor for the overall construction of the home when it arrives.

It is also the responsibility of the clients to select and hire the variety of trades engaged in getting a home to turn key ready.

i.e. (roofing crew, electricians, plumbers)

Shipment of Log Shell to Build Site

Lake Country Log Homes will provide a selection of quotes direct from the freight companies for the client to choose from and pay direct (LCLH will do all the necessary bookings & paperwork including export paperwork if required)

Other Consideration

Lake Country Log Homes does not include

  • Permits
  • Foundation
  • Construction and framing of walls
  • Interior finishes i.e (cabinetry, flooring, appliances)