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Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is the most prestige and luxurious log species for custom log cabin homes in the world. It is unsurpassed in its natural beauty and unique characteristics. It has a pleasant aroma and is resistant to insect .WRC retains a natural oil which acts as a preservative preventing decay.  WRC also holds the highest Thermal Value rating relative to all log species used in log homes. With characteristic such as these it’s no wonder why WRC is the officially tree of British Columbia and commonly referred to “The Tree of Life”

Lake Country Log Homes is located in British Columbia, the heart of where Western Red Cedar Trees grow so we have the opportunity to hand select each and every Red Cedar log making sure it is ideal for the custom home we are handcrafting. Whether it is a large diameter character log with flare butt, burrows and roots or a standard 13-15” (330mm to 380mm) mean diameter log (or anything and any shape in between), we make sure we only use the most premium Western Red Cedar Logs to handcraft the finest log cabin of our client’s dreams!