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Lake Country Builds Near Kamloops, British Columbia

Lake Country Builds Near Kamloops, British Columbia

Handcrafting Photography Journal

Enjoy this Photography Journal of a beautiful Douglas Fir log home built in our yard for delivery to a building site near Kamloops, British Columbia! Please note that the photographs are organized in reverse chronological order and the completion stage is marked for each section.


September 8, 2022

Our handcrafted log shell packages are optimized for finished construction by your contractor. In addition, one of our builders oversees the reassembly of the logs and our office provides ongoing support until your home is completed. You’re not just buying a log home. You’re buying the entire and unique experience of designing and building a log home with Lake Country.
We love photographs of our log homes. You’ll have so many memories of your home being built!
This is one of our favorite vantage points. The homeowners will spend so much time in the kitchen / great room area looking out through their prow windows at the incredible scenery surrounding their log cabin home!
What a beautiful day and what a great location to be setting up a log shell package!


July 26, 2022

Here we see some slotted posts. Slots are the cuts made to accommodate sheathing running past framed walls into the handcrafted posts.
Here’s a great photo looking into the Great Room through one of the prow windows. Notice the pitch cuts on the beams, which will accommodate the roof framing.
Pictured here are is a tenon cut on a Truss Principle Rafter, which will join into the mortise on the Truss Bottom Cord.

July 21, 2022

A photograph of taken through one of the Prow Windows of one of the joist ends being trimmed. Towards the rear of that section will be the Upper Floor Bathroom and the front will have handcrafted Western Red Cedar log railings allowing for a view of the Great Room below.

June 17, 2022

Here’s a great photo of one of our builders landing a handcrafted log. You’ll notice that the slings are left on the logs. This is because they’ll be needed to disassemble the log shell package prior to loading and then again when they’re unloaded from the truck for reassembly at the clients building site.
We’re starting on a new Douglas Fir log shell package which is going to a lakeside property near Kamloops, British Columbia!