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What’s In My Package? Handcrafted Post and Beam

Log & Timber Posts

  • Log Posts supporting upper floor, decks, porch/covered decks and roof beams
  •  Log Posts in framed walls flatted and slotted to accept wall finish
  •  Main & upper floor supporting beams for Post & Beam Style constructed

Upper Floor Log & Timber Floor System

  • Log Beams and Joist supporting upper floor flatted on top for floor system and pockets cut for main floor framed walls

Log & Timber Wall System

  •  Log or Timber Post supporting beams at wall
  •  Timber Frame Style: Same options and style available as Log Post & Beams

Log & Timber Roof System

  •  Log Roof Beams which include depending on the roof design Ridge Beams, Purlins, Collar Beams, Valley Beams, Hip Beams, Rafters, etc.
  •  Log Roof Beams pitched for roof framing
  • Pockets cut in beams for where the beams go through framed walls

Log & Timber Roof Trusses

  •  Several Styles of Log trusses offered
  • Trusses are for clear spanning areas in the home so posts do not interfere in the floor plan, also they are often placed in feature locations for aesthetics