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for Laterals and Notches

At Lake Country Log Homes, we want you to realize the most value for every dollar spent.  To this end, we incorporate high quality products in your log shell kit.  P-Gasket is a product we apply to the notches and laterals of each log, thereby providing an excellent moisture barrier and insulation. The innovative design incorporates a closed cell skin and an open cell interior structure. The closed cell skin gives a waterproof quality, meaning it can be installed in any weather without it wicking moisture. The open cell interior structure makes it highly compressible and allows for a tight seal. Finally, it is made of an environmentally friendly material that is light weight and that doesn’t off gas. To offer you even more value, P-Gasket is pre-installed by Lake Country’s legendary craftsmen – saving you time and money during re-assembly.

P-GasketP-Gasket in a Lateral