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Very Cooperative Attitude

Over the past few years, we have finished a custom handcrafted post and beam log cabin home built by Lake Country Log Homes in Madden, Alberta. With the help of Lake Country it is almost completed, just a few baseboards and closets left to complete.

Before starting construction, we worked for a number of months with a drafts person / home designer at LCLH to get the custom home design exactly how we wanted it. We found her to be excellent, with good ideas, and plenty of knowledge.

Our package arrived in late summer, once the basement had been poured, and the subfloor completed. Lake Country Log Homes sent a crew of two experienced fellows to help us with the construction of the log shell. Those fellows were great, and obviously had a lot of experience working with logs. We were delighted at how things came together, and the beauty of those big Douglas Fir logs. They have so much grain and character!

It has taken us several years to complete our home, mostly because we chose to do a lot of the work ourselves. In finishing those logs, we found that they did not require a lot of sanding, and they just came to life with the finish that Lake Country had recommended. We enjoy this house very much, it is a warm and comfortable home. Visitors to our home always comment on the beauty of those logs, and their unique appearance. We have to thank Lake Country Log Homes for their skill and expertise, and their very cooperative attitude. It has been a great pleasure to work with LCLH in building our lovely home!

James and Joyce Harder