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Loaded With So Much More Character

Most of us folks who build whole log homes of western red cedar seem to share a common bond to have a passion for the outdoors, plus the commitment to build our dream home only out of a superior species of wood, loaded with so much more character than humdrum kits. As a builder, ourselves, of award winning conventional frame constructed homes in CT,  we know we got lucky to have aligned ourselves with the ever so capable Gervais Family out of Salmon Arm, BC.  It has been a sheer pleasure to have worked so closely with such fair minded people who know their stuff, period! Jamie Gervais and his talented team transformed the magnificent western red cedar full logs into something special, not by having a know-it-all attitude, but by listening and working closely with us. Lake Country Log Homes (LCLH) provided us full design services, and ever so expertly hand scribed their specimen beauties to enable Paul Valeri, the builder, to erect and finish his own personal, year-round family home here in Bridgewater, CT.

There are days we find ourselves just soaking in the joy of how the light shows off the magic of our soaring, specimen full western red cedar logs! Friends marvel at our king trusses and the way everything came together to where our masterpiece today looks like it has been part of our land forever.

Operating their full log family business since the 1980’s in British Columbia, where western red cedar and douglas fir grow tall and mighty, Jamie Gervais and his family have perfected their trade as master builders of hand crafted full log homes. Jamie definitely under promised and over delivered to this seasoned builder, whereby we can now testify without a doubt that there is no finer hand craftsmen of full log homes, when only the finest of specimen quality, full dimension logs will suffice! Transportation over 3,000 miles from BC to Connecticut proved to be totally worth the results. Would do it again, and again, and, yes, the positive rate of exchange makes the decision to proceed with LCLH in the States to be a reasonable proposition.

Once you live in a finely finished, well thought out, hand crafted full log home, you may not want to settle again for a conventional framed dwelling. We invite you to scrutinize our personal residence here on the LCLH website. Known as the Bridgewater Plan, we worked hard with Jamie and his architect to fine tune a sensible plan with maximum usable space for year-round living. There are many photos of our home here online. We invite you to give us a call here in Connecticut. Paul is happy to field any questions you may have with the process. In fact, we are proud to say that Paul Valeri Builders has been selected to represent Lake Country Log Homes in Eastern USA. The valuable experience we accrued by having crafted our creation with Jamie from start to finish, surely, may provide you the confidence you need to invest in a home like ours for you and your future generations to enjoy. Let us help you take the fear out of making wrong decisions.

Additionally, as a long time Realtor, Paul himself can provide a value-added service to assist you in the selection of proper acreage, as well as in the marriage of a well designed plan to fit your site like a glove. Make your passion our passion!

Paul & Denise Valeri

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