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A Very Satisfied Customer!

My name is Tim Forsythe. I am writing to give the highest possible referral for Lake Country Homes. I was the CEO of the largest real estate appraisal company in the nation. For 30 years we have a appraised log homes in 40 cities (from Boston to Seattle). Living in a log home in the mountains of Colorado is a lifelong fantasy.

We talked to many many log home builders. As an appraiser I was looking for good quality for the best price. After talking to many of the better log home builders in Canada and America we chose Lake Country Homes because the quality for the money was so much better. Frankly the craftsmanship and attention to detail were the best I’ve seen. We spent hours working with their architect (that specializes in log homes). He was creative, helpful and really fun to work with, and it was all included in the price!

Personally, I am very careful about giving recommendations but I am confident anyone would be fortunate to work with Rob and Jamie at Lake Country Log Homes.

I realize from first-hand experience how difficult it is to choose the right log home builder.

I would be happy to speak to potential customers by phone or email If that would be helpful.

Yours truly,

Tim & Mary Forsythe