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The Stanley’s Beautiful Western Red Cedar Log Home

Hand Crafted Western Red Cedar Log Cabin Home constructed at our yard in British Columba and delivered to Ontario

“They are literally in awe when they look at the beauty of it.”


About the Stanleys’ Beautiful Western Red Cedar Log Home

Located in Georgian Bay, Ontario, the Stanleys’ beautiful Western Red Cedar Log Home allows for over 4100 square feet of living space and was built with 16″ to 18″ mean diameter Logs in the Walls, Roof Posts & Trusses; 20″ to 22″ mean diameter Log Roof Members & Beams; a total of 94 Flared Character Butts with a diameter of between 28″ and 48″; 14 Specialty Feature Posts with a diameter of between 20 and 24″ and 4 Feature Character Log Trusses with Character King Posts. The exterior of the home is defined by plenty of Western Red Cedar Character Wood, Stone Veneer, Cedar Shakes and a Standing Seam Metal Roof. On the lakeside, a Covered Entry complete with a Log Truss leads into the Great Room by means of either of two large double doors. In between these is an impressive Indoor / Outdoor Fireplace. (You can see Mrs. Stanley standing next to the Fireplace in the photograph above.) The Great Room leads into the Kitchen / Dining area. The rear of the dining area has a Custom Log Bar. Past that and into the rear of the home there is a foyer with a wood stove which leads out to the entry area / mud room. The right wing of the home is accessed just past the kitchen area by means of a arched passage way with a bathroom and storage on the left and a large pantry room on the right. The remainder and largest part of this wing is for the Master Bedroom, walk-in closet and ensuite. (Before retiring, the occupants can enjoy the sunset on the wrap around deck just outside their sliding glass doors.) The left wing of the home is also accessed by means of an arched passageway located just before the log bar. The entire wing is taken up by three bedrooms and one large bathroom. Two of the bedrooms have sliding glass doors leading onto a screened-in porch which in turn lead onto the same wrap around deck shared by the master bedroom.

Photo Journal for Richard & Mary-Ellen Stanley

September 6, 2021

Hand Crafted Western Red Cedar Log Cabin Home Constructed at Our Yard in British Columba and Delivered to Ontario 09-06-21

BUILDER’S LOG SEPTEMBER 6, 2021: What a beautiful photograph of the Stanley’s finished log home! We love how the Canadian Shield is showcased and how it complements the grand character of the Western Red Cedar logs. Not doubt this incredible home will be the setting for many hours and days of rest and relaxation with friends and family!

August 27, 2021

BUILDER’S LOG AUGUST 27, 2021: Look at this beautiful view of the lakeside covered entry! This vantage point beautifully showcases the Western Red Cedar Character logs and the incredible gathering area provided by the covered deck. The Stanley’s must absolutely love gathering in front of their Outdoor Stone Fireplace to enjoy their view of Georgian Bay!

July 9, 2021

BUILDER’S LOG JULY 9, 2021: The Stanleys’ beautiful Handcrafted Western Red Cedar Log Home is complete and look at how beautiful everything looks! If you scroll down further, you’ll find a couple of other photographs from the same vantage point but in the Set-Up and Construction phases.

“The craftsmanship, attention to detail, choice of logs and placement of unique pieces in key places makes the overall look and feel of the home indescribably unique.”


June 22, 2021

Hand Crafted Western Red Cedar Log Cabin Home Constructed at Our Yard in British Columbia for Delivery to Ontario 06-22-21

BUILDER’S LOG JUNE 22, 2021: Here is a photograph showing the roofing and fireplace and deck complete with the handcrafted log truss, ridge pole, purlins and posts yet to be stained.

March 27, 2021

BUILDER’S LOG MARCH 27, 2021: The flooring in the great room has been installed as well as the ceiling paneling and stone fireplace.

February 12, 2021

Hand Crafted Western Red Cedar Log Cabin Home Constructed at Our Yard in British Columbia for Delivery to Ontario 02-12-21

BUILDER’S LOG FEBRUARY 12, 2021: The construction of the Stanley’s home has come a long way. The Western Red Cedar logs look great next to the Western Red Cedar shakes! This design feature is also found on the exterior of the right and left wings of the house.

November 9, 2020

BUILDER’S LOG NOVEMBER 9, 2020: The Stanley’s Handcrafted Western Red Cedar Log Shell Kit has been assembled on site! Now the Stanleys and their contractor can complete the construction of home with the support of Lake Country! This vantage point is from the lakeside looking towards the covered deck, great room and master bedroom areas of the home.

November 2, 2020

BUILDER’S LOG FOR NOVEMBER 2, 2020: We have shipped the Log Shell Package to the Stanley’s building site in Georgian Bay, Ontario and our On-Site Technical Advisor is supervising and assisting with assembly. This photo is taken from the foyer section of the home looking towards the bar and dining room and kitchen area and the great room on the lake side of the home.

October 15, 2020

BUILDER’S LOG FOR OCTOBER 15, 2020: We have completed the log home up to the top round of the main floor walls. To the left you can see a photo of one of the corners of the home – showcasing the beautiful Western Red Cedar Flared Butt Character Logs. When the log shell kit is delivered and the home completed, this vantage point will be from the wrap around deck on the lake side looking into the Great Room. The space to the right of the window will be occupied by a High Efficiency Fireplace.

September 23, 2020

BUILDER’S LOG FOR SEPTEMBER 23, 2020: Our Log Peeler is hard at work doing the intricate, labor intensive and important work of hand peeling the impressive Hand Crafted Western Red Cedar Character Logs which will be going into the Stanley’s incredible log home.

April 28, 2020

DESIGNER’S LOG FOR APRIL 28, 2020: Here are some renderings of the Stanley’s beautiful Handcrafted Western Red Cedar log home destined for Georgian Bay, Ontario showcasing the Handcrafted Western Red Cedar Specialty Feature Posts, Flared Butt Log Ends in the Corners and one of four Character Log Trusses. These vantage points are from the lake looking into the Great Room in the center. To the left we can see a screened in porch in front of two of three bedrooms in that wing of the home and to the right is the master bed room wing. The generous space of the wrap around and covered deck complete with outdoor fireplace is going to make for scenic meal gatherings with the option for most occupants to retire from entertainment straight to their rooms.