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Western Red Cedar

A Highly Valued Material

Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) grows in the Pacific Northwest and can reach heights of up to 60 meters. Also known as ‘West Coast Cedar’, the species has been so extensively used by the aboriginal inhabitants of the region that some refer to themselves as ‘people of the redcedar’. They consider Western Red Cedar to be a ‘long life maker’ and have gone to incredible lengths to harvest it. (Falling a tree took many days with a constant rotation of labourers and required a combination of cutting and burning). European settlers also recognized the value of this building material, referring to it as the ‘Tree of Life’.

Benefits of Western Red Cedar

Natural Beauty

Western Red Cedar logs and timbers create a natural, intimate living environment. Their warm tones allow for visually striking features. The wood also has a superior capacity to accept stain, allowing for many different design options.


Western Red Cedar contains natural preservatives that deter insects and prevent decay. The species also has a very low shrinkage factor and is superior in its ability to resist checking, twisting or warping.

Insulating and Acoustical Properties

Western Red Cedar contains a high proportion of air filled cell cavities, making it an excellent insulator. This unique composition also gives it an exceptional capacity to absorb and dissipate sound.

Environmentally Friendly

Sourced directly from natural resources, Western Red Cedar wood has less impact on the environment than other building materials. A peer reviewed study compared the environmental impact of Western Red Cedar wood to that of fibre cement, clay brick, vinyl siding and composite decking. It was found to be far more environmentally friendly than the other materials studied.

Western Red Cedar Country

Lake Country Log Homes is located in British Columbia, Canada – the very heart of Western Red Cedar country. We are a premium log home builder that uses premium, hand selected logs. We will incorporate stylish, visually striking features into your design. In addition to our standard 14-16 diameter logs, we also offer large diameter character logs with flare butts, burrows, knots or roots. Contact us today. Let’s start building your home from nature!

Our Legendary Craftsmen Love Working with Western Red Cedar