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Handcrafted Western Red Cedar Truss

Pictured here is a beautiful handcrafted Western Red Cedar Truss in Malakwa, British Columbia! What tremendous curb appeal handcrafted log homes provide, especially with features like the beautiful truss shown here! Interestingly, the very first trusses were made of ropes and were used to stiffen beams on ships in the Ancient Egypt! Today, among other things, you can see trusses used in buildings, bridges and cranes. The typical truss is usually made up of a triangle that is further sub-divided into more triangles. The way the pieces fit together create an efficient distribution of tension and compression that creates a very strong structural element. This structure in turn allows for the creation of large spaces by eliminating the need for posts. When you work with Lake Country, you’ll be there for every exciting moment as features like the truss are incorporated into your design, manufactured, and then delivered and built on your property! Contact us today!