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Rustic Luxury

Log homes in North America have a fascinating history, as do the hard working people inhabiting them. Our ancestors worked very hard to create a life off the land. They would be amazed and no doubt proud of what their descendants have accomplished. Likewise, the status of the log home has improved incredibly. For settlers, the log home was considered a temporary building, meant to house families only until their ‘real’ home was completed. But today, the log home is held in very high esteem!

The term ‘rustic luxury’ can no where be more aptly applied than to the iconic log home. Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines the word rustic as: ‘relating to, or suitable for the country; made of rough limbs of trees.’ For luxury: ‘something adding to pleasure or comfort’.

The photograph below of a Lake Country Western Red Cedar Log Home built in Colorado, USA embodies the term well wouldn’t you say? You can feel history and hard work and see the rugged beauty of nature, but overlaying both are ornaments of ease and comfort.

Would you like to design and build your own luxurious testament to history, hard work and accomplishment? If so, Contact Us Today. Let’s build your dream from nature!