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The Cost of Building a Log Home

Building a log home with Lake Country is an exciting process that will create life long memories. Here are a few factors affecting the cost of building a log home:


The more complex a design is, the greater will be the cost per square foot. Every wall intersection or roof line means more cost to build the log shell package and more time and cost for your contractor to finish the construction of your home. Pictured here is a view of a Western Red Cedar Roof System for a log home we sent to the Austrian Alps.

Hand Crafted Western Red Cedar Log Cabin Home Constructed at Our Yard in British Columba for delivery to Alberta


Smaller homes cost more per square foot than larger versions of the same design because higher cost aspects such as the kitchen, bathroom, and heating system will remain close to the same despite the smaller floorplan.  Another thing to keep in mind is that labor cost per square foot will be less for larger floorplans because contractors will often offer a better rate.

Hand Crafted Western Red Cedar Log Cabin Home under construction at our yard in British Columba for delivery to Calgary, Alberta

Character Logs

Western Red Cedar Character Logs add stunning visual appeal to wall corners, posts, beams, joists and roof members. The more you incorporate into your design, the higher your cost will be.


A remote location can greatly increase cost of material delivery and travel costs for crew members. Pictured here are some Western Red Cedar Log Cabins that we sent to Northern Lights Resort and Spa in Whitehorse Yukon.

Engineering & Building Codes

Some locations have very stringent building codes and engineering requirements (ie: flood, fire and seismic). For example, building near the St. Andreas Fault could have a noticeable effect on your cost per square foot! Pictured here is part of the roof system for a Western Red Cedar log cabin home we sent to Austria.

Appliances &
Finishing Materials

Design choices (including appliances & finishing materials) have a substantial affect on overall costs. Seen here is the kitchen area of a Western Red Cedar Log Cabin Home we sent to Georgian Bay, Ontario which the clients finished with some very visually appealing design changes.