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Lake Country Log Homes Builds In Lake Placid, New York

Handcrafting Photography Journal

Below are some amazing photographs our Sales Manager took of a Western Red Cedar log home built for delivery to Lake Placid, New York! Please note that the photographs are organized in reverse chronological order and the completion stage is marked for each section.


July 29, 2022

This photograph shows the builders landing the prow post, with one of it’s two sides facing you. The notch you see is where two header logs will tie in and the two slots will accept the sheathing in the gable walls .
Here is a good photograph looking into the rear of the home where two bedrooms will be. Notice the slot cuts in the walls where framing will tie in. An explanation of this cut can be found by clicking here.
Above are two excellent photographs of Western Red Cedar handcrafted log corners with both the interior floor sheathing and exterior decking visible.


June 30, 2022

Soon, this handcrafted Western Red Cedar Log Shell Package will be loaded onto trucks and shipped to our client in Lake Placid, New York. Waterproof tags have been stapled to each log corresponding to a set of assembly plans. This will help our builder and the on-site crew to unload the logs from the trucks and re-assemble the package. This takes a few days and by the time our builder leaves the entire log shell package is perfectly assembled. Past that point, the contractor will complete the construction of the home. Our log shells are optimized for finished construction with such features as pitch cuts on the roof members and electrical cut outs.

June 14, 2022

Above are some photos of one of our senior builders trimming a pitch log at the rear of the home.

June 2, 2022

A view of a corner of the home showcasing incredible handcrafted Western Red Cedar character logs.
Here we are looking through the right-hand prow window into the back corner where one of two bedrooms on the main floor will be. You’ll notice that, unlike those on the right, the log joists on the left are notched into the double beam with no overhang. This is the area where log stairs to the loft will hang. Directly behind the beam will be an entry area with the door leading out onto a screened porch.
The above two photographs show the prow of the log home taking shape. You’ll notice that on either side the first two courses of logs end part way in the opening. This is where the prow windows will be. The double doors will be next to the handcrafted Western Red Cedar character post in the middle.
Pictured above is the King Post for the Truss that will be hanging in the Great Room of the cabin. The principle rafters will attach to each side.

May 5, 2022

Above are some epic photos of our hand crafters starting on what will be a truly impressive Western Red Cedar log home!